Menu of Services:
Signature Massage: 
For those seeking stress relief & total relaxation. This massage is customized to the client's unique needs with preference of firmness and special attention to any areas of tension that may exist.
30 min- $40  45 min- $50  60 min- $65  90 min- $95
Tension Reliever:
This is perfect for those who are experiencing chronic aches & pains due to stiff/overworked muscles. Slow deeper techniques are applied to manipulate the muscles in the problem areas forcing them to release.
30 min- $50  45 min- $65  60 min- $75  90 min- $110
Maternity Massage: 
Designed specifically for comfort of the mom-to-be with lots of fluffly pillows for support in a side-lying position which makes it safe for the baby as well. It relieves that stubborn lower back pain, alleviates water retention while also reducing the stress & anxiety that came come along with being an expecting mother. *Not available in the First Trimester*
45 min- $55  60 min-$70
Add-On Services:
Essential oil of your choice that is added with the choice of cream or massage oil for the purpose of altering the mind, mood & spirit.
Back, Neck & Shoulders:  
Added to any massage for those that just want a little extra time spent on those areas where most people hold all that unwanted stress: The back, head, neck & shoulders.
15 min- $20  30 min- $40
Happy Feet: 
Whether you're an avid runner or a woman born in heels, our feet take a beating. Add to any massage for a little extra TLC. Each area of the foot corresponds with a different area of the body & in retrurn this can lead to full body relaxation.
15 min- $20  30 min- $40
Peace of Mind: 
This massage add-on focuses on the head, neck & shoulders. It's great for those that suffer from migraines, tension headaches or sinus headaches. An invigorating scalp massage is also included.
15 min- $20  30 min- $40
I also offer gift certificates for that "Special Someone". They can be purchased in a dollar amount or for a specific service.
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